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Alpha GYN Daniel McBrayer’s unlicensed abortion mill

McBrayer's building
Dr. Daniel McBrayer runs an unlicensed abortion mill in the State of Georgia. By unlicensed, we mean it has no oversight by the State of Georgia and therefore is not held to any standard of care for surgical procedures in the State of Georgia. In 2010, the last year we were able to get data since having David Cook block recent requests for new data, Daniel McBrayer reported over 3600 terminations of pregnancy at his private office in Marietta. The name of his facility is Alpha Gyn it is run out of his basement office located at 1640 Powers Ferry Rd. building 23, Marietta GA. In the State of Georgia a facility that is devoted to surgery is required by State law to be licensed as an Ambulatory Surgical Center. Yet, for some unknown reason despite Georgia law, Commissioner David Cook of DCH has decided to not enforce State Regulations for this facility and many others like it in the State of Georgia . Commissioner David Cook was appointed Commissioner by Governor Deal in 2010 when he was elected Governor of Georgia. Governor Deal ran as a pro-life Republican but is he?

So, what is Commissioner Cooks’ relationship to Daniel McBrayer? Is Governor Deal really pro-life? Are elected officials in Georgia who claim to be pro-life held accountable? This blog will attempt to shed light on these questions as well as shed light on the darkness of a real sewer rat who preys on desperate women and prefers to brush his teeth over wearing sterile gloves or washing his hands between patients.


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2 thoughts on “Alpha GYN Daniel McBrayer’s unlicensed abortion mill

  1. Katherine Pirnik on said:

    I used to pass by Dr. McBrayer’s on my way to work and never knew what horrors were carried out here. Now that I know, I will do my best to educate others, speak out and demand from law makers that they enforce the laws of Georgia. It is unthinkable that we, citizens of Georgia, have unknowingly allowed the women of our state to be subjected to this barbarian and his unsafe practices.

    • Very Satisfied Client on said:

      As a medical professional I have met Dr. Mc Brayer and despite the obvious smear campaign being launched against him personally, I feel honored to have met and to know such a very compassionate and passionate care provider. Not everyone may agree with all of the services he offers but as a patient and provider I can attest to his staff’s professionalism and superb quality of care provided in his facility. His obvious dedication to overcome all obstacles to provide much needed services to our community especially a midst all of the controversy reflects more highly upon his character than accusations most likely made by scorned employees. I find him to be a very honest and integral man who does not hesitate to tell it like it is and unfortunately, in our society people are not used to this. I personally appreciate not having things sugar coated. If we lived in a perfect world some of the services offered would not be needed but we do not live in a perfect world and the reality is that the services Dr. Mc Brayer offers and the level of care he demands from his staff for his patients is by far exceptional especially compared to the alternatives that would have to be sought by patients should his facility and services be hindered or discontinued. Bottom line, from my personal observation and experience Dr. Mc Brayer should receive accolades from the community for the services and level of care he and his staff provide. If you do not need services do not go to the clinic that is your choice but for those in need this clinic is a God send and it would be a tragedy for these services to not be readily available by such a talented and caring doctor, professional staff, and provided in what I observed to be a very upscale, sterile, and equip facility. There are obviously some very conservative people putting much effort into thwarting the reputation of this doctor and facility. I believe if these individuals spent as much time researching the cold hard facts and facing the reality of the world we live in they would all retract their malicious, fallacious, and slandering accusations/comments and would spend their time instead sending gift baskets to the staff and thank you cards to the GOOD doctor. Remember; Judge not lest ye be judged!

      Very respectfully and many thanks to Dr. Mc Brayer and the staff at ALPHA GYN,

      Furthermore, I would recommend this clinic to any one in need of their service or advice.

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