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Do corruption and payoffs follow McBrayer

McBrayerblogger has been made aware that Commissioner David Cook appointed by Gov. Deal in 2010 as the head of the Division of Public Health had a meeting with members of the community on March 13th of 2012. Commissioner Cook was requested to investigate the unlicensed office of Daniel McBrayer’s abortion surgery center. The allegation was that Daniel McBrayer was continuing to perform illegal 2nd trimester abortions in his unlicensed facility that is dedicated to the performance of abortions and therefore meeting the legal definition of an Ambulatory Surgical Center in the State of Georgia and SHOULD be licensed. The members of the community had expected that Commissioner Cook’s response would have been at least concern. Events that ensued after that meeting make it appear that he is not an ally. In fact, it now seems that documents left with Commissioner Cook and his staff may have been leaked to Daniel McBrayer and or his friends or relatives.

Commissioner David Cook

Commissioner Cook was left with documents that were found in McBrayer’s Community dumpster during the winter of 2012.
first day of school 2010 001

These documents were circumstantial, however, they did seem to indicate that McBrayer was indeed still performing 2nd trimester abortion procedures in his unlicensed basement clinic. Also included in the documents left with Cook and staff members were copies of records found in McBrayer’s trash. Evidently a patients name whose situation will be discussed in posts to come was also included in that document.

Additionally, included in the packet of evidence were pictures of bottles of propofol filled, half empty and empty, and drugs to reduce it’s effect that McBrayer illegally discarded in the community dumpster as well as syringes with the drug, and other bloody bio-hazardous waste. Let’s repeat that! Propofol is being used to put patients completely out during a short abortion procedure, yes it seems very hard to believe, the question that needs to be asked is why is propofol being used in this manner by this abortion provider?
McBrayer biohazardous waste illegal disposal Feb 18 2012

Another obvious question that should be coming to your mind is “What penalties and or fines and charges have been filed against Daniel McBrayer?”. The unfortunate answer to this day is NOTHING!

In April, one of Commissioner David Cook’s employees replied to the members of the community whom he met with. They were told that all documents were turned over to the Medical Board and the case was being referred to them to investigate Dr. Daniel McBrayer for running an unlicensed ambulatory surgical center in Georgia. However, the Medical Board did not get in touch with any of the members of the community until they made numerous calls to the Medical Board in May due to widespread media reports of a fire that broke out on the 3rd floor of McBrayers office exactly where all his patient files were kept.


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