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How YOU can help

At Mcbrayerwatch, we know that people are busy and don’t have a lot of time to read, so what we would like you to do is pick up your phone and make one or two quick phone calls.  A phone call is best because as in the case of Governor Deal you can’t send him a direct email. So please pick up the phone today and call Governor Nathan Deal’s “Office of the Governor”. Tell them that you are calling because you read a summary of the facts on this blog, that you are concerned that he may not be interested in enforcing the rules and regulations on the books regarding abortion in Georgia despite his pledge to the pro-life Republican platform. 1) Please mention this blog to Governor Deals’ staff. It is drdanielmcbrayerwatch wordpress.com The Governor needs to know that YOU care and that YOU are watching him and others as well, to make sure that he is doing his job, upholding the Constitution of Georgia and enforcing the rules and regulations on the books. 2) Also mention that it seems as though Commissioner David Cook is not fulfilling his duties and obligations to ensure the safety of the public’s health and should be replaced.  See this organization chart below :


Commissioner Cook has the most IMPORTANT job in our State as far as abortion regulations go.

The number to the Governors office is : 404-656-1776. You can also use the general contact form by clicking here.

Please also make a call to Georgia’s Department of Community Health Commissioner, and express your desire for him to enforce the rules on the books regarding abortion clinics. Commissioner Cooks office number is: 404-656-4479 you will most likely get to speak to Ms Deborah Ewing who is his secretary.

Gov. Deal photoGovernor's Mansion GA.

Thank you for your help. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
Please post your responses at the bottom of the page in the comment section if you can.


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10 thoughts on “How YOU can help

  1. The secretary at the Governor’s office said I would get more attention if I wrote a letter, so I did:
    Hon Governor Deal:
    I am a concerned citizen with a complaint. It has come to my attention that Dr McBrayer is illegally performing second trimester abortions and nothing is being done about it. Please give this matter the attention and correction it deserves.

    Much scandal surrounds the abortion industry and I appreciate, as I am sure you do as well, that abortion, while legal,requires appropriate and strict attention and regulation. If the regulations and laws aren’t enforced, this would be a gateway for corruption of the office of Governor under your watch.

    A great deal of confidence has been placed in your administration of the office of Governor by many who hold dearly to the same ideals as you do, which have historically made this country, you, and We the People able to endure as a shining city set on a hill, with the great state of Georgia standing as high as our God will allow us to stand.
    In God We the People Trust.

    Thanks for your kind attention in this matter
    Your fellow citizen/friend,
    Mark “Doc” Kimble

    “Governments are made for men, not men for governments.”
    ~Junius Kimble, Company “A”, 14th Tennessee Volunteers~

  2. sorry I forgot to mention this blog…will send an addendum

  3. Governor’s form won’t let me cut and paste the url of the blog

  4. Mr. Kimble,
    Can’t you just click onto the form, it should come right up.

  5. Okay the form should be working now.

  6. Governor Deal and other politicians are holding big fundraisers this week , we need to let him know this week that we are not going to vote for a guy who says he is pro-life and yet sits by and does nothing while the rules and Regs. in our State concerning abortion and the safety of women are not enforced.

  7. The Georgia Medical Board meets today. Prayers are appreciated for all the members of the Board to do the right thing and not fall into the trap of corruption that follows McBrayer and those he wants to silence.

  8. S.E. Johnson on said:

    Love your site, keep up God’s work!

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