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So whatever happened to those road rage charges?

road rage

In October of 2009 it was reported throughout the airwaves in Atlanta that Daniel McBrayer had been arrested for Road Rage and not once but twice due to the same incident! See story links below.   His arrest took place during one of the 40 days for Life events in front of the office complex where his abortion clinic is located.  It turns out  he assaulted a mother of 2 who was driving down the road with her 2 children in her van.   Employees at his abortion clinic claim that Daniel McBrayer  told them that he had thought the woman had followed him or was somehow involved in the 40 days for life event outside of the office complex where the clinic is located. ( great excuse! )  It turns out the victim actually lives about a minute down the road from Governors Ridge office complex and had absolutely nothing to do with 40 days for life. So whatever happened to the case?  We at Mcbrayerwatch wondered that too.  We have not found any answers at all except for a judge friend that McBrayer is friends with named Marsha in Cobb County.  So what exactly happened to the case?  We are hoping that someone else is able to tell us that and perhaps report it here on Mcbrayerwatch!


http:// www.wsbtv.com/news/news/apology-lands-accused-road-rage-doc-in-more-troubl/nJTQZ/


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