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The outlandish lavish lifestyle of the RICH and Famous McBrayer Family

McBrayer mansion 2

The mission of this blog is to shed light on the very dark business that goes on in the abortion mills of the abortion industrial complex. A business that is more and more driven by profits and nothing more as is evidenced by the abhorrent conditions that are found time and time again when states do take their role seriously and enforce the regulations to which the abortion clinics are held. 

Taxpayers are paying more than their fair share or even desired share as evidenced by recent reports from Planned Parenthood that now 45 percent of their abortion business is funded by the taxpayer, translating to $542 million for 2012. Taxpayers are growing weary of this level of funding while reports nation wide of abuse of those funds ranging from fraud to death of patients due to gross negligence and medical malpractice.
McBrayer Mansion Cammie McBrayer

The question is are abortionists paying their fair share of their cash cow business? McBrayerwatch is aware of 100’s of pages of real estate that is owned by Mcbrayer. Among some of the homes he owns are elaborate homes one could describe as mansions and are quite lavish. In fact, one reality TV show has decided that the McBrayer family is rich enough to be featured on their new reality TV show called Big Rich Atlanta. So now it seems that families of abortionist’s have no shame in hiding their blood money, in fact now they are ready to flaunt it on TV!
See short video clip here of the former wife of McBrayer Marcia and Meagan his daughter here :

See the  newest story McBrayer’s Blood money here:



Kudos to Meagan’s mother for helping us find out that her daughter was arrested in 2012 for a DUI got to wonder what the date of that arrest was…….



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26 thoughts on “The outlandish lavish lifestyle of the RICH and Famous McBrayer Family

  1. blackand dr se on said:

    This is not the home of Meagan and Marcia this is the home of his last exwife and three chidren they are divorced and he doesn’t live in the house ..he lives in the gates marietta.

    • Hi,
      Not sure what you mean Cammie. Do you mean the home on the video or the home in the photo?
      And can you confirm that the home in the photo was paid for with money from Daniel McBrayer?

      Thank you for your comment.

      • blackand dr se on said:

        It is my home I paid for it and I don’t want photos of my house on your blog I have nothing to do with the show or his business and having photos of it makes it seem as though I and my children are benefitting from BIG RICH ATLANTA and that is not true. I am requesting you respect my privacy and remove the photos. Thank you in advance.

  2. Cammie,
    So you paid for it. It was the house that Daniel McBrayer lived in prior to your divorce is that correct? He still pays you allimony and child support to pay for the mortgage on the house correct?

    Again thank you for your comments.

  3. Cammie,
    If you can provide the deed to the house proving you own it and paid for we will take it down. Otherwise, the intention of this post is to show just how much $$$ is dripping from the hands of your ex-husband . Is it not in your divorce agreement that Daniel has to continue paying for the house and child support for your younger children? If so than it is Daniel’s money that is allowing you to live in the McBrayer mansion.

    Looking forward to your response.

  4. Harassment and/or jealousy aren’t an attractive attribute. If you have religious and/or mental issues…seek help. In the meantime…GET A LIFE. It’s clear you’re psychotic tendencies are ignorant. You wouldn’t want the situation to be reversed and harassment be directed toward you. However…it can be granted!

    • Well that is an interesting comment! Harassment is what Dr. McBrayer does to his patients and employees, maybe you need to step outside your narrow little mind and look at the situation with an OPEN mind instead of being so stuck to your obvious prochoice agendga!

  5. i truly admire the work you are doing. i follow your articles and love what you have to say. you’ve already made a difference. lista de email lista de email lista de email lista de email lista de email

  6. This design is incredible! You definitely know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!|

  7. Very Satisfied Client on said:

    As a medical professional I have met Dr. Mc Brayer and despite the obvious smear campaign being launched against him personally, I feel honored to have met and to know such a very compassionate and passionate care provider. Not everyone may agree with all of the services he offers but as a patient and provider I can attest to his staff’s professionalism and superb quality of care provided in his facility. His obvious dedication to overcome all obstacles to provide much needed services to our community especially a midst all of the controversy reflects more highly upon his character than accusations most likely made by scorned employees. I find him to be a very honest and integral man who does not hesitate to tell it like it is and unfortunately, in our society people are not used to this. I personally appreciate not having things sugar coated. If we lived in a perfect world some of the services offered would not be needed but we do not live in a perfect world and the reality is that the services Dr. Mc Brayer offers and the level of care he demands from his staff for his patients is by far exceptional especially compared to the alternatives that would have to be sought by patients should his facility and services be hindered or discontinued. Bottom line, from my personal observation and experience Dr. Mc Brayer should receive accolades from the community for the services and level of care he and his staff provide. If you do not need services do not go to the clinic that is your choice but for those in need this clinic is a God send and it would be a tragedy for these services to not be readily available by such a talented and caring doctor, professional staff, and provided in what I observed to be a very upscale, sterile, and equip facility. There are obviously some very conservative people putting much effort into thwarting the reputation of this doctor and facility. I believe if these individuals spent as much time researching the cold hard facts and facing the reality of the world we live in they would all retract their malicious, fallacious, and slandering accusations/comments and would spend their time instead sending gift baskets to the staff and thank you cards to the GOOD doctor. Remember; Judge not lest ye be judged!

    Very respectfully and many thanks to Dr. Mc Brayer and the staff at ALPHA GYN,

    Furthermore, I would recommend this clinic to any one in need of their service or advice.

    • Thank you for your comments, I decided to allow your comment. But am highly suspicious as to who wrote this post, because his patients don’t even really see him when they have an abortion, and his staff is certainly anything but professional. In fact patients have reported staff arguing with each other, talking on their cell phones and being very chatty unprofessional. Most of the patients are drugged to the point that they do not remember the actual physical environment of the clinic.
      This is no purpose because the conditions are atrocious ! This is covered up by overdrugging the patients, so most won’t EVER report him!

      • Very Satisfied Client on said:

        He actually personally performed my ultrasound because the nurse wanted his opinion as to what she saw. It is a very busy clinic and I was surprised that the MD was so readily available to assist. It was not a procedure I wanted as I had been ttc and thought there was no hope had given up gone back on medications I would not have been taking had I thought it was possible. I had opted to follow up with my pcp but he said he personally wanted to see me in a week to make sure everything was as it should be and I hope he will assist us in achieving a successful pregnancy again. I have been a nurse since I turned 18 and there is always a lot of drama in clinical settings because women are hard to manage. I don’t agree with things that others do a lot but I always remind myself that they have to sleep at night with what they do not me. When I was younger and in nursing school I had an unwanted pregnancy and went to the Wieuca Rd. Clinic and they lectured me for hours under the guise of counseling. Having to be there was bad enough getting lectured was..idk word to describe. I was happy to get in and out of Alph GYN quick and safe they did provide info for counseling should it be needed. I am excited that there is a chance that he will assist us with making the babies we want so desperately! I have rambled enough, my follow up is on Friday and I will let ya know should my opinion change. Thanks for allowing me to express my gratitude and I am sorry for anyone who had a bad experience its a tough thing to go through under any circumstances.
        Very Respectfully,

  8. I simply want to tell you that I am all new to weblog and certainly liked your blog. More than likely I’m want to bookmark your site . You definitely have remarkable posts. Bless you for revealing your web-site.

  9. Dear A,
    I am sorry about your problem with this pregnancy. It sounds like you were recently there. How did you find out about our blog? Yes, Alpha Gyn is very different than the clinic you went to during nursing school, the one thing is that the Wieuca Rd clinic is actually licensed by the State, and therefore ” should be ” much safer. The reality is , that it is not/ they are not.
    In reality, the clinics sell you abortion as your option, they don’t really give you other options. What kind of lecturing do you mean? If you would rather you can private message me let me know!

  10. meagan on said:

    This is Meagan McBrayer- Dr daniel mcbrayer is a great man, father and a wonderful doctor. My mom has been divorced to my dad for 26 years and works full time. My mom and I were actors, they told us things to say. I am a grown woman and I pay my own bills. Please leave my father alone, you do not know what you are talking about.

    • Hi Meagan!
      So glad you stopped by to say hello! We wish you the best,and will keep praying for you and your father, we truly hope that you will NEVER have to work another day in that office with your father. We have documents that show that you indeed had to work there and help your father shed innocent blood. Boy that would have been some drama to film what you had been doing prior to ” acting” on Big Rich Atlanta. How is your father by the way? There have been some rumors going around about his health that we have NOT published. Also heard he is a witness in a case this week in Cobb County Court, for a case involving Child molestation. Is he going to start reporting the sexual abuse of minors finally? We SURE PRAY SO!! We know about the girls who have come in 12 years old that he NEVER reported despite State law. Sad, that a ” great” man would not report even the abuse of a 12 year old child! Keep us posted !

    • Meagan,
      It has been so nice not seeing you drive to your fathers new clinic in West Cobb. We have gotten word that you haven’t been seen there. Praying your new business venture keeps you out of the clutches of blood money.

  11. Dennis on said:

    It is so sad that these two women don’t have enough integrity to realize that they have and are contributing to the murder of unborn children. They seem the type that support PETA, but can kill babies without a thought. Go in peace now, but etunity will be hell

  12. Dennis on said:

    Dr. McBrayer;

    You are a heartless soul. You have defiled your profession, and made a living on the killing of the unborn.

  13. It’s more than a little likely that those who use artificial contraception, and its back-up, abortion, have mental issues associated with their use. Even those who do the studies, though it is not known whether they themselves have mental issues due to The Contraceptive Mentality, are providing studies that show there is an increased incidence of mental instability in those practitioners of “Pill/Abortion Sex.” Odd thing is, of course, if these people are insane, they wouldn’t know it. And, of course, they themselves would be unable to recognize sanity in others.

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