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Terrifying patient experience at Alpha/Gyn

This post will focus on the patients of Daniel McBrayer. Because pro-abortion advocates have managed to classify abortion as “women’s healthcare”, patients seeking these “services” expect professional and sterile environments inside the abortion clinics. But what really goes on inside the walls of such clinics? Previous patients who have sought abortions at the basement clinic at 1640 Powers Ferry Rd. Atlanta, GA provide a window into that experience.


In 2009 it is documented that a patient who sought an abortion was anesthetized by an unlicensed employee who administered a drug believed to be known as propofol, the drug that killed Michael Jackson. After returning home from the procedure, the woman lapsed into sepsis and had to contact her regular OB-GYN. Her own OB-GYN informed her that the baby was still in her womb, three days after the abortion procedure. The patient sought follow-up with Dr. McBrayer. However, he was not available because at the time he was incarcerated for road rage, having hit a female in the face.

Dr. McBrayer has been reported to the state for the substandard medical care being offered in his clinic, allowing unlicensed staff to administer anesthesia, unlawfully discarding patient records, and many other violations. However, the punishment to date for these violations does not exist, there is none.

If you are reading this now and have had an experience of substandard care at this or any abortion clinic, we invite you to post your comments.

Read  more horrifying patient testimony here: http://talkaboutitcd.blogspot.com/2012/08/nightmare-on-powers-ferry-road.html


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3 thoughts on “Terrifying patient experience at Alpha/Gyn

  1. What about other abortion clinics like Summit Medical Center that place perform abortion up to 22weeks. All I see here is about alpha group like if it’s the only place in Georgia that performs abortion and there’s many other in metro Atlanta ga

  2. It is our understanding that McBrayer is currently working at Summit. He claimed he retired but this is NOT true. Now he plans to relocated his nuisance killing center to WEST COBB. It is set to open Aug. 13, 2015

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