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Alpha Gyn vs. Gosnells Clinic

Is it possible that what was happening in Dr. Gosnell’s clinic in Philadelphia, PA. is happening right here in Marietta Ga. at the clinic owned by Daniel McBrayer?

Please check out the video below which documents the horrific conditions inside Gosnell’s clinic and let’s work to make sure IT IS STOPPED HERE IN GEORGIA NOW!

Please understand that Dr. Gosnell’s clinic was licensed with the State of Pennsylvania and had not been inspected since 1993 despite complaints made to the State.  Dr. McBrayer’s Alpha GYN clinic is NOT licensed by the State of Georgia which means it has NEVER been inspected!  How is this happening under a Republican run State?!

see video here: 


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One thought on “Alpha Gyn vs. Gosnells Clinic

  1. finishstrongdoc on said:

    Medicine and medical care are part of science, yes? Well, why are pro-choicers urged to fight against medical and health restrictions placed on abortion clinics? If we truly care about healthy science – and the lives of women – why can’t we all agree that abortion clinics ought to be held to appropriate safety standards?

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