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New Employee Testimony :Hellish environment

This testimony came to us starting in early February.

The patients who come to this clinic are treated as if they are in an assembly line. They all get put in one room for their pre-op work ups. This means that they can hear all sorts of information about each other and there is no counselor for before or after the procedure. If a patient gets emotional, the Dr. simply tells them to stop crying because the mucus can block their airway while under anesthesia and goes about his business. Then they are medicated and sent downstairs to wait to be taken in for their procedure. As far as abortions being  past the first trimester, I honestly don’t know.   I will say that there was one particular case that involved the fetus not being able to be suctioned by the machine and we saw the rib cage, spine and pelvis intact laying on the tray. The patient had 14 weeks in her chart but who is to say? Some of us were  skeptical about possible innacuracy with the ultrasounds because of who was doing them.  He only had a licensed ultrasound tech come in on Saturdays.
this is a photo taken in Gosnells clinic the equipment is outdated rusty and blood stained much like abortionist McBrayer's equipment

this is a photo taken in Gosnells clinic the equipment is outdated rusty and blood stained much like abortionist McBrayer’s equipment

While I personally can’t make any complaints about the way the Dr. treats the employees, (he’s somewhat fair and easy to work with) I will say that the way his niece Angela the “manager” ( I use the term loosely) treats the employees is appalling. She picks on pregnant employees and asks them to conceal/disguise their pregnancies to keep from offending/upsetting the abortion patients. Also she moved another employee with documented neck and back issues from a recent car accident from the section with light work to the section that requires the most lifting and heavy work. When the employee provided the letter from her doctor, she was basically ignored and then was terminated for refusing to perform the heavy duties. My paychecks were never consistent regardless of how much I worked which makes me think that she was withholding earned money from employees to make up for the deficit during periods of low patient volume. There were times where she would tell certain employees not to come in because of “The Dr not being there” or “A light patient volume” when in fact neither of those incidents occurred as often as she said they did which lead me to believe that she discriminated against or showed favoritism towards certain employees. She bullies and brow beats certain people working there for no reason at all. It’s like she picks and chooses who she wants to be her victim for the day. Angela constantly makes threats to fire somebody and says so to other employees. Of course like most gossip and rumors, it gets back to the person she talked about firing and when she is confronted about what SHE said, she acts completely clueless. The woman is a total psycho. She causes unnecessary chaos and drama in the office during the few times she is there during the week. From my understanding, she has no management experience and she certainly doesn’t have people skills either. She needs human relations classes and equal opportunity training BADLY.         abortion-clinic

If you ask my opinion, I think that this place just needs to be shut down. It’s shady business and medical practices are worrisome. The people “managing” it are unprofessional and have no type of patient empathy. They treat patients like cattle and dollar signs instead of human beings. They underpay and overwork their staff as well. Why do you think they have such a high employee turnover rate? There are only 4 people on staff who have been there over 5 years. Nobody wants to stay because of the unfairness, drama and chaos. In the short time I worked there, I saw several people come and go.

To be honest, because of all the drama between Angela, the community, and some of the protesters, I feared for my life the last few months I worked there.  I did not want to end up in a dangerous situation simply for being employed there and by being “guilty by association”. I only took the job because of dire circumstances I was in, and was desperate.  I had already completed my externship there a few years ago but at that time, the management and environment were completely different and tolerable. I was young, inexperienced and needed the training. The abortion procedures did bother me at times but I put that aside because I needed the job and the experience as a new Medical Assistant.

Had I known what drama lied ahead this second time around, I would have searched longer for other employment opportunities. But they say hindsight is 20/20. Eventually I stayed until I could find something better then I left. This time for good. I want no further association with that place and I am considering removing it from my resume all together and pursuing a different career. If anyone sees this and is considering working there, don’t walk but RUN away from that place. Schools also need to be advised not to send their externship students over there. No job is worth the amount of stress and danger that comes from working in such a facility.

For more words from the abortionists’ mouths visit: www.abortionfacts.com/abortionists-speak-on-abortion


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9 thoughts on “New Employee Testimony :Hellish environment

  1. But wait. I thought women were totally safe at these clinics?????? (being sarcastic). Grateful for this persons testimony. Needs to be mailed to the Gold Dome.

    • We agree! Hopefully we will be adding more of these testimonies very soon!

    • Delores Kaye Parker on said:

      Strange, I was a patient their for over 10 years and never saw any of this. Also, the same nurses were their month after month. Wonder why they stayed in such scandalous conditions? I am not afriad to stand up to the people who are making these terrible claims. Just tell me what you want me to do.
      Delores Kaye Parker
      3311 Winston Road
      Durham, NC 27704

  2. Ms. Parker,
    His staff upstairs is totally separate from his low paid unqualified staff in his basement ambulatory surgical center that is unlicensed. He uses anesthesia that should only be used in a hospital setting, the same drug that killed Michael Jackson. He is putting 100’s of patients at risk 6 days a week !

  3. Everything about angela true, but the rest is inadequate. Mcbrayer put his trust in Angela and she betrayed him for many years. Last year of September he reach out to Shelia Bynum who in the legal field and also many other talent. About six month ago up to know, she has totally helped and turned the place around. Especially now that angela is no longer there to steal and keep up drama. Shelia help him in everyway for his business.the employees who have been there through it all, have now received full time jobs. All employes are now receiving health benefits, bonuses almosy every other pay check and all.holidays, paid vacations, and sick time. The businesd is not at all nasty. Mcbrayer loves and cares for his employees so much that he doesn’t have the heart to even fire them. Far as the patients goes the are treated with up most hospitality. There are employee certified as counselors who coach the patients. The are given snacks after procedures and there is dozens of employees there to help assist immediately after procedure and then escorted to the person they arrived with. He also pays for taxis of those who came with no one and calls to follow up with them as well. Dr. Mcbrayer has been through alot with people who he thought cared from him and only took from him. He has been brought all the way down, but he has some good people in his life who is there for him. For those who talked down in him for what he does as a living should really get over it and get a life and stop worrying about his and others. You have to keep in mind that the patients come to him, not the other way around. Thats the patient choice to do what they need to do. Now this is fact!

  4. Watch blogger you need to do more research your an outsider looking in and have no idea. He buys employees lunch, gives bonus bday and celebrates employees bdays!

  5. I am a lawyer representing former Alpha Group patients whose records were thrown in the trash. I am trying to identify former employees of the Alpha Group who were aware that the clinic was throwing patient records in the trash in 2012. Please contact Mathew G. Nasrallah, nasrallah@rbnlaw.com, 770-424-1234 ext.13

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