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BREAKING NEWS! UPDATE: 8/11/2015: Lawsuit filed against Daniel McBrayer

GR-Patient_Papers4-2.18.12We have removed the post about from Mr. Nashrallah.  If you have a case against Daniel McBrayer for breach of confidentiality you can write to us and we will get you in touch with him.  IF YOU HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED THAT YOUR RECORDS WERE ILLEGALLY DUMPED YOU CAN JOIN THE CURRENT LAWSUIT!! Stand up for yourself don’t be bullied!  And if you were harmed by McBrayer physically make sure you contact the Georgia Composite Medical Board ASAP!! You can help stop him from preying on innocent women who are in desperate situations.  Many of McBrayers current employees and past employees know about the FACT that McBrayer has been illegally dumping protective medical identification info for his patients for a long time!  If you worked for Daniel McBrayer at Alpha Gyn your testimony is urgently needed.  PLEASE HELP STOP THIS BULLY~!

Update: McBrayer’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss but PRAISE GOD, the motion was dismissed in June 2015!  So, the case continues .  May justice prevail in this case, please keep all involved in prayer as this is a continuing battle!


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7 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS! UPDATE: 8/11/2015: Lawsuit filed against Daniel McBrayer

  1. Mr. Nasrallah,
    Don’t know if it would help but we have a list of all employee names and their phone numbers found in the trash at the same time patient records were found which was handed over to us.

  2. Dennis on said:

    We the pro-life community must stop Dr. McBrayer and all physicians who kill our children. We must stand up to the right to life.

  3. Please remove my May 15 and May 20 posts. Thank you, Matt Nasrallah.

  4. Wondering on said:

    As of June 30th, Alpha Group GYN PC will be closing there doors after 30 years. I hope Judge Green does the right thing in handling this case.

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