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Shakeup in Georgia Government !Governor Deal quietly replaces DCH Commissioner DAVID COOK!

We asked our readers to make phone calls to the Governors office last year regarding DCH Commissioner Cooks’ lack of concern for abortion facilities in the State of Georgia, we also wrote about evidence that proves that either Commissioner Cook or one of his aides gave criminal evidence that was given to him in confidence to Daniel McBrayer . Then in May a fire conveniently broke out in the upstairs office space of McBrayers’ abortion office exactly where his patient files were stored. He only had paper files stored electronically, despite federal law. The fire destroyed evidence that McBrayer may have been performing illegal 2nd trimester abortions in his unlicensed office, an offense that carries 10 years in prison for and one that McBrayer had earlier admitted to via the Georgia Composite Board of Medical Examiners in 2002,  but never faced criminal charges for because the Cobb County District Attorney Pat Head had covered up the  case.  CHART.DCHDMT.3.25


New Organization Map of Georgia State Government

New Organization Map of Georgia State Government

Notice Clyde Reese III is the new Commissioner over DCH.
NOT DAVID COOK! It appears this move was done quietly and in secret in July of 2013 by Governor Deal.

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