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About McBrayerwatch

Wactchman at night
McBrayerwatch is a site that is  dedicated to exposing Dr. Daniel Enoch McBrayer and his illegal activities  at his abortion clinic located at 1640 Powers Ferry Rd. Marietta, GA.

Questions have been coming in asking, who is behind this site. People have asked us if this is a Government run site. We can’t say.

What we can say is that is it anonymous and is being kept up by individuals around the country who believe that the corruption surrounding McBrayer needs to be exposed and that if the general public knew how little he seems to care about his patients they WOULD NEVER GO TO HIM.

We also believe that if enough people learn the truth about the corruption that surrounds him and they make enough noise, it won’t be long till he is in prison!
Life Is Precious


9 thoughts on “About McBrayerwatch

  1. Delores Kaye Parker on said:

    I was a patient of Dr. McBrayers for many years. He was a wonderful doctor to me. I can’t imagine what has caused this campaign aganist him. What kind of complaints have caused all this. I want to see some proof!

    • Hello Delores,
      Sorry your comments were waiting for moderation. Maybe you have not looked at all the evidence we’ve already posted. Sadly if you were a patient for 10 years you can bet that YOUR records were uncaring and recklessly discarded in the trash just like so many other patients. We have dated and documented this behavior going back to 2009. If you were not an abortion patient you would not have seen what we are referring to , since his clinic is in the basement. Also if you were an abortion patient, you know that he over sedates his patients and they report that they don’t remember much if anything after they are given their memory loss meds. and brought down to the basement. Delores, there have been 4 employees who have come forward to the medical board they can not comment right now because this case against McBrayer is still open. The recent employee who commented quit over the last 12 months and has not reported what she saw to the Medical Board. And yes, Ms. Parker we have helped pregnant moms stay in my own homes for months, we always offer the moms contemplating abortion to even raise their child temporarily till they get on their feet, graduate school or whatever it takes, this is just a temporary transfer of parental rights, the goal is to get the mom at a place in her life where she can raise the child on her own or wants to, this is not a govt. programs so we get no state aid.

      Did we miss any of your concerns?

      Thank you for your comments!

  2. Delores Kaye Parker on said:

    It is not a matter of beliving what I choose. I was there. Why would I lie. I live in NC now. Dr. McBrayer is no longer my doctor. I am telling the truth as I lived it.

    • Ms. Parker,
      Referring to your statement about helping pregnant moms. If you did not ever have an abortion there, then you probably also never saw his abortion clinic which is in the basement of the building. Where did you go? Up the front stairs or down into the basement on the side of the building. Upstairs has different staff than the abortion clinic!

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