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History of lawbreaking follows Dr. Daniel McBrayer

McBrayer mug shot road rage incident
In the State of Georgia any abortion performed after the 1st trimester in an unlicensed facility is a felony, one year in prison is the minimum penalty along with a fine. In 1999 Cobb County District Attorney Pat Head was given evidence by members of the community that Dr. McBrayer was in fact performing illegal 2nd trimester abortions in his unlicensed basement surgery center. A case was opened and assigned to a detective but for some unknown reason, a midst much speculation of payoffs and donations, Pat Head’s office closed out the case. Fast forward to 2002 the Georgia Medical Board found Dr. McBrayer in fact guilty of performing felony 2nd trimester abortions at his Cobb County office. The Medical Boards findings were never referred to Pat Heads’ office for prosecution, the only penalty was that Dr. McBrayer had to pay a small fine and attend a few hours of ethics classes. Why is it that the Medical Board did not refer the case for prosecution by the County District Attorney. Could it be that they are included in a network that actually protects abortion providers in the State of Georgia? That is a question that will be reviewed in days to come.

Dr. McBrayer has had a lot of employees come and go over the years, throughout the years he has had many employees come forward reporting to the community that he is still doing abortions past 14 weeks at his unlicensed surgery center located in the Governors Ridge Office Park in Marietta, GA. In 2009 some of the employees were so sickened by what they were witnessing that they came forward to help expose the fetal remains of some of the 2nd trimester children that McBrayer terminated. Once again, Pat Heads’ office was called, prosecution for McBrayer was requested, but Pat Heads’ office refused to give immunity to the members of the community who had the remains.

McBrayer biohazardous waste illegal disposal Feb 18 2012

During this time some of the employees at McBrayer’s office also tipped off members of the community that McBrayer was breaking the law in regards to the way he disposed of Medical records as well as bio- hazardous medical waste. It seems that many of the clinics records were simply being thrown away every month in the Governors Ridge office complex community dumpster. This is a blatant violation of the HIPPA act and opens Dr. McBrayer up to lawsuits for patient doctor confidentiality breach of law. Since the District Attorney’s office was obviously not interested in prosecuting a baby killer, the community members brought a complaint before the Medical Board. The Medical board conducted a 6 month investigation, during that time employees working at the clinic confirmed that McBrayer was advised by someone inside the Medical Board that he was under investigation. During that time period it is reported the McBrayer properly shredded patient files. When the case was closed in 2011 with no action taken against McBrayers license, despite all the physical evidence along with patient records that included the date of the procedure, the patients full name, date of birth, phone number, Social Security number, address and place employment, it was reported that McBrayer immediately went back to doing abortions after 14 weeks and throwing away patient records in the community dumpster.

So what exactly is the relationship between Pat Head and Dr. Daniel McBrayer? It is certainly possible that they are more than just neighbors.


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