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Update: Lawsuit Filed against Daniel McBrayer for illegal disposal of patient records!

A civil action lawsuit was filed in Cobb County Superior Court on Feb. 25, 2014. The lawsuit also names the Georgia Composite Board for its’ neglect in failing to take action against the doctor who had numerous complaints filed against him for the very same thing that the lawsuit entails going back to 2008 , and 2010. The abortionist who has performed upwards of 5,000 abortions a year over the last 20 plus years has amounted to at least 100,000 lives that he has been paid to “snuff out”. 

Here is a link to the lawsuit Complaint McBrayer Doe Case complaint

UPDATE AS OF April 17, 2014

The lawsuit has been officially filed in Cobb County Superior Court there are 4 plaintiffs so far, it may not be too late to add your name to the case.  All names are being filed as ” Does”. Daniel McBrayer’s lawyers have submitted a brief asking that the case be thrown out!  Please keep Judge Green in your prayers, that McBrayer’s lawyers fictitious claims be ignored as they should be!

UPDATE: Judge Green did not throw out the case!

UPDATE October of 2017: Several plaintiffs settle but last remaining plaintiff wants her day in court

UPDATE February 2018 : Case to go to trial sometime late summer of 2018.






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