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McBrayer Watch wants to hear from readers!

Since the site went up 3 weeks ago we have had over 2,000 visitors.  We are excited that our site is getting out and hopefully making a difference!  We love to have readers and would love to have more!  We would also love to hear from you please send us your COMMENTS.  To do this click onto an article and go to the comments section and post your comment here.  Thank you for visiting and come back often!  One last thing,  comments are pending moderation so if you would like to send us a private message just make that know in your comment and we won’t post it to the public to see.  This goes especially to our whistleblowers who work inside the Alpha Gyn clinic, and to former patients who may have been injured or had the medical records thrown in the community dumpster.

Former employees can also email mcbrayerblogger at: mcbrayerblogger@gmail.com.  Send us your experiences and what you witnessed while working there.  It doesn’t matter how short or long you were there!  We want your observations!



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