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Mission of McBrayerwatch

This mission of McBrayerwatch is :

1)To shine the light on the darkness of corruption that surrounds Daniel McBrayer.

2)To expose patient injuries and infections caused by McBrayer and his unlicensed staff.

3)To expose the usage of dangerous drugs like propofol by unlicensed personnel in an un-sterile environment.

4)To expose his attempt to overdose his patients with narcotics that purposely cause memory loss.

5)To expose the making of terroristic threats to members of the community for revealing the truth to the authorities and patients as well as threats to patients and phone calls to patients claiming that someone broke into their office and stole their records.

6)To expose the possible cover-up of illegal activities by setting a fire on his own business to try to escape possible felony charges of performing illegal 2nd trimester abortions in his unlicensed abortion surgery center pending the investigation by the GA. Composite Board of Medical Examiners which was opened officially a few weeks after the fire in May of 2012.

We at McBrayerwatch will not allow the truth to be hidden any longer. We will continue to expose Abortionist McBrayer until he is in prison or out of business!


2 thoughts on “Mission of McBrayerwatch

  1. Rebekah on said:

    Great job exposing this evil, murderous doctor! I will share on Facebook and hopefully you will get the Commissioner to follow through and make this “Doctor” come into compliance with his death camp. In the meantime, Pro-lifers need to go out in masses to this facility daily and engage the Mommas and Daddys that are going in there. They need to know, if they don’t already, who they are dealing with and the sin the are about to commit in murdering the life of their child.

  2. Thank you Rebekah for helping to spread the word! It is very hard for the local pro-life crowd to get any where close to the patients but they do try!

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