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BREAKING NEWS! Lawsuit filed against Daniel McBrayer

BREAKING NEWS! Lawsuit filed against Daniel McBrayer.


Breaking news! Abortion whistleblowers wanted rewards up to $25,000!

Breaking news! Abortion whistleblowers wanted rewards up to $25,000!.

Breaking news! Abortion whistleblowers wanted rewards up to $25,000!



The Georgia Medical Board is still investigation Abortionist McBrayer, and so is the FBI!! According to medical board meeting notes in April the FBI has been questioning the board about things going on inside the abortion clinic.  Please understand, if you work for abortionist McBrayer or another abortionist that is breaking the law YOU TOO CAN BE CHARGED along with the Abortionist.  Don’t take that risk, quit today and come forward!

Be a whistleblower and get REWARDED for it!


One of the things that has gotten glossed over in the Gosnell situation is that not only did Gosnell get convicted of murder and he’s going to spend the rest of his life in jail, [but] eight of his employees got convicted of crimes,” Crutcher said.


Several of Gosnell’s employees pleaded guilty to murder charges. Gosnell’s closest associate, his wife Pearl, pleaded guilty to multiple charges in 2011.


On the same day that Gosnell was found guilty of three counts of first-degree murder, the jury convicted his assistant Eileen O’Neill of practicing medicine without a license.



Abortionist McBrayer doesn’t pay his contractors to clean up his mess!

Abortionist McBrayer doesn’t pay his contractors to clean up his mess!.

WARNING Abortionist McBrayer contractors!!! Do you really want to sue to get paid?!

McBrayer fire

Word has it that Daniel hired a cleaning crew to clean up after his mysterious fire last May. What he could not get his employees to do after the fire had to be done by a professional cleaning company. Well, it turns out they still have not been paid for the job!

Are you a contractor doing business with or for Daniel McBrayer?  Do you really want to take money from a person that kills preborn children for a living and who has a past history of not paying for work that has been done?

Are you a formal contractor that has never been paid for working done by Daniel McBrayer? We want to hear from you, please  send us your comments!

B & L Disposal Inc had to sue him!
Address: 100 W Memorial Dr, Dallas, GA 30132
Phone:(770) 443-2213

Abortionist McBrayer likes to sue his patients!

Abortionist McBrayer likes to sue his patients!.

Abortionist McBrayer doesn’t like to pay the IRS!

Abortionist McBrayer doesn’t like to pay the IRS!.

Abortionist McBrayer doesn’t like to pay the IRS!

We recently learned that Daniel McBrayer doesn’t like to pay his taxes, so he pays them late!!  The IRS has had to go after him in 2008 and 2010.  Here is the link to see for yourself: Mcbrayer Liens background check civil judgments .  The thing we are trying to figure out is $121,198 seems awful low for a doctor whose income is in the millions every year.  Wondering if any CPA’s out there might be able to take a look at this as we don’t think the figures ADD UP! But does that really surprise anyone?  Do we really think any abortionist who takes cash payments would actually declare that income?  Highly doubtful!

Abortionist McBrayer likes to sue his patients!

The folks at mcbrayerwatch decided to pay to do a background check on Daniel McBrayer.  What we found is that it was WORTH it! We highly recommend that people who are pro-life from all over the United States pay the extra $30 or $50 bucks to do the extensive check on their neighborhood abortionist, you can do this by going here:  http://www.intelius.com/

To see the patient liens go to : Mcbrayer Liens background check civil judgments to see for yourself.  So beware! If you are injured and have to go back to him for to be retreated think again!! Do you really want your name out there as his patient?  These patients need to know that there is a current investigation that is open right now into Dr. McBrayer’s negligent treatment of his patients at Alpha Gyn clinic located at 1640 Powers Ferry Rd. GA.

Patients, you have the right to make a complaint to the Medical board there is NO STATUTE of limitations for negligence.   Here is the contact info to the medical board:http://medicalboard.georgia.gov/how-file-consumers-complaint do not delay you have rights and don’t deserve to be preyed upon by money hungry predators like Daniel McBrayer, your complaint is always confidential!

BREAKING NEWS! UPDATE: 8/11/2015: Lawsuit filed against Daniel McBrayer

GR-Patient_Papers4-2.18.12We have removed the post about from Mr. Nashrallah.  If you have a case against Daniel McBrayer for breach of confidentiality you can write to us and we will get you in touch with him.  IF YOU HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED THAT YOUR RECORDS WERE ILLEGALLY DUMPED YOU CAN JOIN THE CURRENT LAWSUIT!! Stand up for yourself don’t be bullied!  And if you were harmed by McBrayer physically make sure you contact the Georgia Composite Medical Board ASAP!! You can help stop him from preying on innocent women who are in desperate situations.  Many of McBrayers current employees and past employees know about the FACT that McBrayer has been illegally dumping protective medical identification info for his patients for a long time!  If you worked for Daniel McBrayer at Alpha Gyn your testimony is urgently needed.  PLEASE HELP STOP THIS BULLY~!

Update: McBrayer’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss but PRAISE GOD, the motion was dismissed in June 2015!  So, the case continues .  May justice prevail in this case, please keep all involved in prayer as this is a continuing battle!

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