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Breaking NEWS! McBrayer sells building in Governors Ridge complex and relocates to WEST COBB!

first day in front of new killing center

Attorneys representing Governors Ridge office complex in East Cobb continue their legal battle with Daniel McBrayer.  McBrayer continues to carelessly fail to respond to motions etc. He sure seems to be getting on the bad side of the judge in this case at Cobb  County Superior Court.  The next hearing is in mid September and is open to the public.

McBrayer closed his Governors’ Ridge office in June and announced his fake retirement.  We confirmed that he started moonlighting for late term child termination center Summit in Atlanta.  In late July his CFO, Pastor Sheila Bynum of Saving Gods’ Children Church in Marietta  ( http://www.pastorsheilabynum.com)  sent letters to all his former patients announcing that she would be taking appts. for all McBrayers current clients and offering the same services they received at

1640 Powers Ferry Rd.  letter to McBrayer patients

Pastor Sheila Bynum has now leased a building through Cobb Pediatrics http://www.cobbpeds.com/. They reportedly are not happy receiving phone calls from current patients, past patients, and concerned citizens.  They have even recently told current patients to ” leave , that they would not be going out of business any time soon”.  It is disheartening that a HUGE almost monopoly Pediatric office who treats newborns when they are born in the hospital and all throughout their life would have this kind of nonchalant attitude. Shame on Cobb Pediatrics!

The new location for McBrayer’s child killing center is : 410 Villa Rica Way Marietta , GA. 30064.

It is our understanding that concerned citizens can join weekly events every Saturday morning beginning as early as 7 am and ending around 11am.  Also this Thursday Aug. 13, the opening day will be an event at 8am.  For more info about these outreaches see the Keep West Cobb Abortion Free facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/keepwestcobbabortionfree?fref=nf


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